TIQCon™   Total Integrated Quality Control for clinical laboratories.

 ·     TIQCon ™ is an external quality assurance program for clinical laboratories.
                        Roche Diagnostics is the exclusive distributor of TIQCon™.

·      TIQCon ™ is an independent worldwide service for a lab internal and external quality control service.

·      TIQCon ™ supports direct online instrument and LIS interfaces to import quality control results.

·      TIQCon ™ evaluates internal quality control results against international rules

·      TIQCon ™ creates peer groups out of worldwide global used control lots

·      TIQCon ™ evaluates internal quality control results against external peer-group comparison

·      TIQCon ™ is designed as a "Real Time Application" and provides QC results in shortest time


Important notice:

TIQCon ™ is not intended to be used to verify or validate lab internal QC procedures.
Neither shall it be used to make decisions and judgements on the release of patient results from the clinical laboratory.

The data provided by TIQCon ™ do not replace internal QC procedures of the individual clinical laboratory; neither EQAS nor other proficiency schemes.

TIQCon ™ provides a lot of interfaces for the QC data transmission and visualize the QC results in nearly real time.
Depending of the used interface the time span for the availability of the QC results can be extend.

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