TIQCon™ Quality Desktop    laboratory user transfer

Transfers TIQCon™ lab II user  to TIQCon™ Quality Desktop enviroment

To use QualityDesktop every TIQCon™ lab user has to do a registration process.
In preparation of Single Sign-on and increased security standards, the user management was adapted.
For this purpose each user must be uniquely identifiable by name and only secure passwords can be used.

Steps of Registration

1.) Navigate to the URL:
and the login screen of the TIQCon™ Quality Desktop registration appears.


2.) Enter your TIQCon Lab credentials and click on the Login button,
to start the TIQCon™ Quality Desktop registration process.


3.) On the registration page, kindly fill out the input field Username ,Password and Password confimration.
The Username must be some kind of email address e.g. sample@sample.com .
As suggestion a TIQCon internal email address is displayed.
If you have a company email address, you can use it.
After you have entered a valid email address, a confirmation icon will appear behinde the input filed of the Username.



4.) The password has to fulfill the password requirements.
The rules for a secure password are listed in a box on the right.
As you type, all fulfilled requirements are displayed in green.



5.) After you entered a valid password, the Register button will be released.
Click on the Register button to complete the Registration.

With the registration of the TIQCon™ Quality Desktop, the password of the current lab user will be also update on TIQCon Lab II.

6.) If you have successfully registered, a message with your user information will  appear.



If the transferred user is a lab admin user the lab will be shown as 1234*.
So this user is active for all sections of the lab.


7.) Click on the blue TIQCon™ Quality Desktop login button to be redirect to the login screen of the Quality Desktop.